Custom & Customized Video Display Systems & Electronics

Displays: Markets & Applications

Electronics: Markets & Applications

Digital Signage, Retail video & signage displays

Corporate AV monitors, collaboration displays, interactive white-boards (IWB)

Video walls, Designer displays

Custom & customized display interface controllers for:

  • General industrial and commercial displays
  • Harsher environment displays


Services & Technologies


  • Display system design & production for digital signage & commercial AV
  • Custom electronics & functionality for non-consumer display systems
  • Display system certifications


Display types & technologies:

  • LCD with LED edge-lit, direct back-light, dynamic back-light
  • Transparent LCD
  • OLED: 55" Full-HD and 4K
  • Transparent OLED 55" Full-HD
  • Sizes from small up to 98" diagonal
  • Aspect ratios: 1:1, 4:3, 16:10, 16:9, 21:9, 58:9 and custom
  • Concave and convex
  • Brightness: 350nit, 450nit, 700nit, up to 2,500nit
  • Viewing angle, response time, color gamut
  • Temperature: Indoor and wide temperature tolerance for outdoor
  • Application matched: Video wall, monitors, digital signage, outdoor, broadcast


Display enhancement:

  • Protective glass bonding
  • Touch interactivity: IR (Infra-red), PCap (Projected Capacitive), Resistive, InGlass


Enclosures: Materials, designs, colors, branding

Integration: PC, media players, IP streaming

Power & POE solutions


Touch tables

Mobile large display systems


Coming soon:

  • Mirror displays



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